Man shows off ward of cash he saved after 124 days of sobriety

Nigerian man

A Nigerian man took to social media to show off how much money he has saved in the space of 124 days of being sober.

The young man revealed that whenever he got the urge to drink, he simply put 3000 Naira in a safe. At the end of 124 days, he realized he had saved 357k.

Nigerian man

He shared:

“Stayed sober for 124days now. I put 3,000 in my safe box each time i feel like drinking…and am able to save these up. So happy i can save approximately 357k from not drinking….@BelieveAllCom,”

He added:

“Would have spent 57k out of d 357k last night on drinks with friends. But i decide to plant it down here.”

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