SO SAD! Lady Dies Minutes After Childbirth

Verified Lady dies minutes after childbirthLady dies minutes after childbirth, allegedly, as a result of a sacrifice (Aja) was placed in front of her father’s house.

His brother took his facebook page to share the heartbreaking story,



She’s my sister dear to my heart , as at 8:20pm,14th of may 2019 she went into the labour room to deliver ..same night evil men from my village did what your seeing in the next picture called AJA in front of the father’s gate.She delivered peacefully,we were all happy ..30mins after delivery,we now saw blood rush from her…that was when the evil men started they AJA play …12:45am the next morning we lost her ..death why …RIP nnenne my sister …may your spirit never find rest until it takes the life of the person who did that AJA …

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