Three Straight Match Ban For Neymar For Punching A Fan On The Face



The football genius, Neymar has been restricted for 3 recreations in the wake of socking a fan in the face minutes after his group lost in the French Cup last  month ago, the French Football Federation reported.

Neymar’s Paris Saint-Germain club had just lost to Stade Rennes in a 6-5 penalty shootout, and the team was forced to walk through the crowd to collect their 2nd place medals.

During the walk, Neymar claims a fan lurched at him and began shouting various insults, so Neymar smacked the guy in the face.

The fan claims he suffered a bloody nose and a split lip from the punch. Neymar later commented, “I was wrong but I don’t have cockroach blood.”

The saying essentially means he won’t back down from people when they cross a line, TMZ reports.

The FFF says Neymar won’t play in the next 3 games for PSG, a suspension the team has described as “severe.”

PSG and Neymar will appeal the suspension.

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